Galaad complete installation   -   72 Mb
        Integrated CAD-CAM-CNC Software for Windows
       Limited trial without licence:  if you do not have a Galaad licence, then the automatic milling and the export of files will be limited to 10 design items, each one having a maximum of 50 co-ordinates. This should allow you to test the machine drive in real conditions. Gawain turning module will be limited to 1 pass of 10 co-ordinates, and Kynon programming module will execute only 10 lines per programme. There are no time limits or other function restrictions.

10/11/2021 updates   -   28 Mb        List of changes

Warning: Kaspersky antivirus may detect an imaginary threat in module SendMail because it contains a script that has been compiled with AutoIt-3, which once was added in their listings as infected by a Trojan virus. Please ignore what Kaspersky claims and think about getting a better antivirus. You may also obey and delete that module SendMail, but then you will not be able to use the function that sends automatic e-mails for a distant supervision of the milling process.
Other files
     Click here to download the driver for the licence key (dongle).
     Click here to download Galaad 3 user's manual (updated May 2020).
     Click here to download the client module for distant control of your PC for assistance.
     Click here to download the import files for ShuttleXPress manual drive wheelpad.
     Click here to download the K40-Laser machine USB driver.
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