AEROFUN   CNC-Fun 3-axis controller
ARDUINO   GRBL control cards
AXEMOTION   PulseBox, PulseBox-NxtG, PulseMaker, PulseMaker-NxtG, Pulsar, PowerStep, C142-Plugin
BLS   A5, A4, A3
BZT   PF, PFE, PFG, PFK, PFL, PFM, PFU tables with LPT port and AxeMotion PulseBox module
CHARLYROBOT   Isel Mini-Mill, C10, C142, SM400 tables, CRA4, CRA3, CRA2 until 1999
CIF   TechnoDrill
CNC-CAROLO   Profilo-Pro
CNC-STEP   All machines with LPT port and AxeMotion PulseBox module
FWD   Gantry tables
GOCNC   Next3D with LPT port and G-Code Processor 3D or AxeMotion PulseBox module
HEIZ   All machines with LPT port and AxeMotion PulseBox module
INTELYS   F-1000
ISEL-AUTOMATION   All machines with controllers C10, C142, CSD315, CSD405iMC, CSI464iML, IT108,
IT116, iMC4, iMS6, IML4, iMC/M, iMC/MP, iMC1, mini EP-1090, Compact iMS6, series CPM, ICP, ICV, CPV,
GPV, GFM, GFS, FlatCom, EuroMold, MiniMod, MiniFlat, ModuFlat
JD-CUT   EcoMap series
K40   Laser Engraver (<2018)  ---> see our video
MAKKO   All machines with LPT port and AxeMotion PulseBox module
MAX-COMPUTER   Kosy-2 tables
MICRODUR   Isel Mini-Mill
OPTI-3   LogicDrill series
OPTIMUM   BF20 series
RM   MiniMill, RM-CNTRL controllers
SIGEA - ART'TECH   Medium, Visio-F, Visio-T
SM-MOTION   SM-300, SM-400 controllers
SOLECTRO   P3, P4 controllers
SOPROLEC   InterpCNC series 1.4, 1.5, 2.*
STEPCRAFT   All machines with LPT port and AxeMotion PulseBox module
TECHNO-ISEL   DaVinci, Isel tables
TECHSOFT   CamCut-300
THUNDERCUT   All machines
UNIMATIC   EduCAM series
VECTIS   A4, A3, A2
This page indicates with which machines Galaad is directly or indirectly compatible, so you do not have to ask us about your own machine. Using a fully customisable post-processor, which syntax definition is extremely flexible, and also an external driver, renders the software indirectly compatible with almost all existing machines, but with neither the manual control and the direct milling supervision, which are essential functions of Galaad. In such case, the application chains to a CNC driver program that corresponds to your machine. On the other hand, if a machine is directly driven by Galaad, nothing else is necessary for the whole process. This is obviously the best work mode, since Galaad has been designed and architectured to integrate all stages.

Note: enumerating the below-mentioned machines does not mean that their manufacturers or importers are dealers of Galaad software, but simply means that Galaad can drive them directly or indirectly. To purchase Galaad from an official dealer, please refer to "Contacts" page.

Our business is developing and broadcasting Galaad software. We are not resellers of CNC machines.

Are obviously recognised all trademarks that correspond to the below-mentioned names.

Machines and controllers directly driven by Galaad in interactive mode:

In this mode, Galaad is able to send commands to the machine and receive feedback. Manual drive for workpiece datum is possible, and automatic milling is supervised in real-time conditions by the software application. This mode gives access to all driving functions.
Machines driven by Galaad in unidirectional mode:

In that mode, Galaad can send commands to the machine, but cannot receive feedback, generally because the machine has been designed to only receive a toolpath upload and then drives the process locally. Workpiece origin is set directly on the machine itself, with no motion commands from the computer. Then Galaad uploads the toolpath to the machine but does not supervise the automatic process. These machines are not compatible with Kay and Kynon modules which require a real-time bidirectional dialog.
SUREGRAVE   Excalibur, Gryphon, Wizard
Machines driven by an external driver:

If your machine is not above listed, but comes with a software driver, then Galaad can interface directly with this program. You just have to indicate that machining process is managed by an external driver, and setup its properties, particularly its data format. At every new milling process, Galaad creates the files and automatically calls the external driver software which will either supervise the milling task directly, or upload it to the machine, depending on the driver type. Chaining between Galaad and the external driver is made immediately and does not require any manual operation from the user.
Customisable controller interface:

If your machine is unknown to Galaad but known to you, i.e. you are familiar with its protocol and command language, then it is possible to define yourself the commands to be sent and the acknowledges it returns back. Just select as numerical controller a "Generic / Customised" model. Then you will have to setup every usable command.
Driving through LPT parallel printer port:

Galaad does not directly produce Clock/Dir signals for parallel port. That kind of driving is limited due to the fact that Windows is not a real-time operating system (it is impossible to guarantee the continuity of the signals in case of system interrupt). Software solutions actually exist, but they replace the heart of Windows by a special program which owns the highest priority on the processor, whilst the system has become a secondary task. Then the computer does not run under Windows anymore, but under a micro-kernel which cannot offer the same guarantees of stability as the standard NT kernel. So it seemed that this was a hasardeous way, especially because the LPT parallel printer port has been removed from Intel-Microsoft since 2002, and is now disappearing even on desktop computers.
Instead, our partner AxeMotion has been asked to develop a simple and efficient USB solution which allows you to freely assign the signals for 4 axes on the main connector (so is it portable to any machine), directly picks its power supply from the USB port, and even
provides extended I/Os inside the box whenever necessary. Consequently, this PulseBox
module is an extra-cost compared to a full software solution for driving through LPT port, but
on the other hand, its performances in CNC driving has very high, with tremendous motion dynamics. Connection is everything but complicated: just plug the PulseBox on the LPT connector of the power rack, and its cable on a USB port of the computer. Setup in
Galaad is then as simple. Furthermore, the PulseBox offers an extra set of 5 inputs and 3
outputs, regardless of these already available from the main connector. These side signals can help wire up axis end switches if the power rack does not provide them on its LPT connector. A PWM signal is also freely assignable on the main or the secondary connector to drive a speed-controlled spindle.
        Integrated CAD-CAM-CNC Software for Windows
Customisable post-processor:

For machines that are driven in unidirectional mode or through an external driver, it is possible to define oneself the complete data format. Instead of a simple post-processor redefinition based on ISO G-code, Galaad allows you to access the command language structure and syntax. Then you may integrate in Galaad commands for very special machines with data formats that can be really different from usual standards. Several predefined languages are available as basic canvas.
- 4 & 5 axes controller cards "InterpCNC" for integrating in a rack or mainframe
- Power modules "Leadshine" for stepper or servo motors up to 1/64th step
- Motors, power supplies, integrated controllers, spindles, etc.
The "InterpCNC" is probably one of the most widely sold CNC card for hobbyists with
solid reputation. Ease of integration, USB or RS232 communication, local memory
with fast calculation, kinematical capabilities for an excellent motion smoothness,
PWM output for spindle variator, special lathe turning functions for CNC threading,
firmware update by dedicated software, etc. The affordable and reliable solution for
hobbyists. Soprolec is also official dealer of Leadshine modules which offer great quality/price ratios
That solution is a best seller and is highly recommended for driving from Galaad a rack or power card with LPT connector, for stepper or servo motors, whatever the machine can be. The cost of the PulseBox module is moderate and its performances are really amazing.

Electronics for designers and integrators of CNC machines:

We highly recommend this manufacturer of high performance and cheap electronic cards that provide a very good reliability and which compatibility with Galaad software is 100% guaranteed. These cards have been tested successfully in industrial conditions and especially in noisy environment.
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