Recto-verso 3D milling
Yena D40 servo machine, Mayka CAM, Kay module (OEM version), AxeMotion Pulsar 6-axis controller
Application: dental prosthesis milling
        Integrated CAD-CAM-CNC Software for Windows

Automatic changer for 10 tools
BZT "PFU-4020" servo table, double axis Y-Y' with differential reset, AxeMotion PulseBox
Application: Atelier Hequet, Avignonet, France

Plasma-torch cutting
ThunderCut prototype machine, Hypertherm plasma torch, AxeMotion PulseMaker controller with THC
Application: metal works

Turning process on 4-axis mill
Profile designed by Gawain turning module, milling on Galaad standard module
(profiling passes, radial finishing, multi-pass threading)

Laser welding on rotary clamp at constant focus & speed
Path designed and calculated by Galaad, motion control by Kynon module
Application: Saft Batteries, Poitiers, France

Laser engraving
Patrick Coenen, Liege, Belgium

Hobby machinings, 3-4 axes
Home-made machine, Soprolec InterpCNC controller
Octave Proust, Orcines, France

Pick & place of surface-mounted components
Kynon module with special macro programming, CIF TechnoDrill machine
Application: DG-Tech, Paris, France
Automatic screwing of slides for card racks
Driven by Kynon module, Isel linear axis, screwdriver head by Weber Assemblages Automatiques
Application: Atos-Racks, Carros, France

Concertos for CNC machines
G-code files produced by MID2CNC script
Opti-3 LogicDrill and Isel MiniMod-AxeMotion machines driven by Kay module
AxeMotion booster firmware
Isel MiniMod-20 machine with stepper motors, driven from Galaad
Genuine vs AxeMotion firmwares

Rotary engraving process on steel
Isel EuroMod servo machine driven directly by Galaad
Application: Hunprenco Ltd, Hunmanby, UK

Laser pyrocarving on wood with K40 machine
K40 Laser Engraver, driven directly by Galaad
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