Recto-verso 3D milling
Yena D40 servo machine, Mayka CAM, Kay module (OEM version), AxeMotion Pulsar 6-axis controller
Application: dental prosthesis milling
        Integrated CAD-CAM-CNC Software for Windows

Automatic changer for 10 tools
BZT "PFU-4020" servo table, double axis Y-Y' with differential reset, AxeMotion PulseBox
Application: Atelier Hequet, Avignonet, France

Cutting cylindrical tube with plasma-torch
ThunderCut machine, AxeMotion controller with THC
Application: metal works

Turning process on 4-axis mill
Profile designed by Gawain turning module, milling on Galaad standard module
(profiling passes, radial finishing, multi-pass threading)

Laser welding on rotary clamp at constant focus & speed
Path designed and calculated by Galaad, motion control by Kynon module
Application: Saft Batteries, Poitiers, France

Laser engraving
Patrick Coenen, Liege, Belgium

Hobby machinings, 3-4 axes
Home-made machine, Soprolec InterpCNC controller
Octave Proust, Orcines, France

Pick & place of surface-mounted components
Kynon module with special macro programming, CIF TechnoDrill machine
Application: DG-Tech, Paris, France
Automatic screwing of slides for card racks
Driven by Kynon module, Isel linear axis, screwdriver head by Weber Assemblages Automatiques
Application: Atos-Racks, Carros, France

Concertos for CNC machines
G-code files produced by MID2CNC script
Opti-3 LogicDrill and Isel MiniMod-AxeMotion machines driven by Kay module
Cutting rectangular section with plasma torch
ThunderCut machine , AxeMotion controller
Application : metal tubes (designed with Galaad)

Laser pyrocarving on wood with K40 machine
K40 Laser Engraver, driven directly by Galaad
Rotary engraving process on steel
Isel EuroMod servo machine driven directly by Galaad
Application: Hunprenco Ltd, Hunmanby, UK
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