The best of Galaad is of course the user. The software is not a goal on its own, but a simple tool for the imagination, the creativity and the technical skill, even if breaking cutters always teaches how to mill. Though Galaad has been existing since 1992 with more than 15000 licences provided, the originality and ambition it contributed remains surprising today. Therefore, instead of a list of testifying messages like "Well done, your software is fantastic!" or "everthing works, thanks again!" signed by unverifiable X or Y, it has been considered more simple and self-demonstrating to show what users dared to create with the help of Galaad, some of them having only a few months of experience. So this page is dedicated to a few addicts who have learned how to get the best value from the software, with great thanks for their pictures... and also their suggestions, because most of the functions in Galaad come from ideas that were exposed by those who use it everyday, sometimes strange, we dare to say, but most of them relevant. Discovering what a skilled user has been able to create is far the most beautiful reward for a developer.
   Software integrato di CAO-FAO-CNC per Windows
If you too have pictures of your best creations, whoever you are - professional, teacher or skilled amateur - please do not hesitate to send them. It will be a pleasure to add them to this page with your name & address. One condition: the workpieces must have been entirely made with Galaad (design and machining), like all those displayed below. Also, if you have built a machine that uses original, cute or ambitious solutions, there is enough room here to show it.

Cutting and engraving ornamental panels
Allée des Bosquets CIDEX 441 / 06330 Roquefort-les-Pins / France
Gantry machine with unique lateral screw (Art-Kad / FWD design), Mitsubishi 450W servodrives, AxeMotion CNC
Folding screens in agglomerate wood

Models for museography, archaelogy and architecture
Vincent Hubert / La Touche Annette / 115 avenue André-Bonnin / 35135 Chantepie / France
Phone +33 (0) 630948914
Isel 4-axis table, Isel C142 rack with AxeMotion booster
Model of the Mont Saint-Michel for France-Miniature, 5 m width and height, made of PVC
Abbaye de Hambye, scale 1:125
made of PVC, cork abd LAB
Model for town-planning, scale 1:500
made of PMMA and LAB
Marling plan
milled PVC mould, concrete casting
Farm "La Touche Petite", scale 1:33
made of PVC, oak abd coating
Farm-Museum of Cotentin, scale 1:33
made of PVC, cork abd LAB
"Les Champs-Libres" Rennes-Métropole
interactive model, scale 1:200
made of PVC, PMMA, LAB and CP
Bazeries roll-coder, scale 1, made of brass and leather
Yvelines / France
Artol600 machine, 620×400×200 mm range, Soprolec InterpCNC-1.4 controller

Architecture and industrial models
Le Pont / 74290 Alex / France / Phone +33 (0) 450028610 /
2D machinings made on an Isel 3-axis table with Isel C10 controller
3D machinings made on a custom table with AxeMotion controller
Model of the the Popes' Palace of Avignon, scale 1:100 (1.5×2.5 m), made of forex
Reconstitution of the antique theater of Arles, scale 1:100 (1×3 m), made of polyurethan resin
Reconstitution of the antique amphitheater of Arles, scale 1:100 (1.5×1.2 m), polyurethan resin
Model of the region "Ile de France", scale 1:70000, made of polyurethan foam, IGN/MNT files
Model of the Lake Annecy area, scale 1:10000 (3×2 m)
Model of the Mont-Blanc area, scale 1:25000 (2×1×0.17 m)
Milling in polyurethan foam then elastomere moulding and stratified polyester
Exhibited at the Casermetta of the Col de Seigne (elev. 2350 m), Italian side of the Mt-Blanc
Model of the cement factory of Ouled-Zidanne (Morocco), scale 1:400, made of altuglas
Model of a Savoy cottage of Abondance Valley, scale 1:50 (1×0.6 m), made of walnut-tree wood

Model of the "Victor Palace" building in Monaco, scale 1:100, made of plexiglas
Architecture models
Fred Berrin Création / 8 rue Bosio / MC-98000 Monaco  /  Phone +33 (0) 685902291
Isel 3-axis table, Isel C142 controller
Model of the "Belle Epoque" building in Monaco, scale 1:100, made of plexiglas
Model of the "Les Bruyeres" building in Monaco, scale 1:100, made of plexiglas
Model of Quay Kennedy buildings in Monaco, scale 1:100, made of plexiglas
Model of the Oceanographical Museum of Monaco, scale 1:87, made of plexiglas

4570 Marchin / Belgium
Custom-made table, AxeMotion PulseBox controller
Cutting 3D puzzles in medium wood

Reconstitution of the antique amphitheater of Perigueux, scale 1:200, made of polyurethan foam
Archaeological models
14 rue Jacques-Feyder / 13500 Martigues / France / Phone +33 (0) 442804514
Isel 4-axis table, TechLF CNC8AM controller
Complete model of the antique city of Perigueux (Vesuna, Gallo-Roman Museum)
Open model of the Coptic church of Baouit (Egypt), scale 1:10, visible at the Louvre Museum
Reconstitution of a Greek trireme, scale 1:100 (length 330 mm), 180 oars, made of wood

13400 Aubagne / France
Isel CNC-Pure table with AxeMotion PulseBox controller
Cutting 3D puzzles in 1.5 mm aluminium
Planetarium made of aluminium and brass
Celestial clock

63870 Orcines / France
4-axis table (custom made), Soprolec InterpCNC controller
Engraving and drilling printed circuit prototypes
4-axis millings
Aztec calendar

Artist wood-carver
Colinbus Profiler machine with AxeMotion booster-kit

13 rue de Creach Joly / 29600 Morlaix / France /
Table with 2 linear axes XY + 1 rotary axis C, automatic orientation of a fiber-application head
Plaster model of Constantin's thermal baths and basilica of Arles, scale 1:100, 3-4 axis milling

Professor of Technology
56660 Saint-Jean Brevelay / France
Isel CPM machine
Model of sand castle
Half-hull, wood milling
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